Rs 13.56 crore smuggled gold seized at Mumbai airport; 11 passengers arrested

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Mumbai: The Customs department has seized 22.14 kg of gold valued at Rs 13.56 crore brought illegally by various passengers at the Mumbai international airport, officials said on Monday.


Eleven passengers were arrested in 20 cases of gold smuggling during the action taken at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport here between Friday and Sunday, they said.

The precious metal was found concealed by passengers in the rectum, undergarments, on their body and a cardboard sheet, an official said.

In one case, gold jewellery was concealed under the burkha worn by a passenger and in another case, the precious metal bars were concealed in the undergarment, an official said.

Gold was also smuggled in the form a bangle and a buckle worn as belt by passengers, while gold dust in wax form was concealed by a passenger in the rectum, he said.