Sandeshkhali: TMC files complaint with EC against NCW chief, BJP leaders

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NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma

New Delhi: The TMC on Sunday filed a complaint with the Election Commission against National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma and BJP leaders including Piyali Das, alleging that they committed "criminal conspiracy by exploiting" innocent women of West Bengal's Sandeshkhali for political gains.


In a letter to the EC, the TMC said they are filing a complaint against Sharma and Das for "commission of serious offences of forgery, cheating, fraud, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy upon innocent women of Sandeshkhali and the entire electorate in general".

"This is to draw your urgent attention to a deeply distressing turn of events, wherein, BJP leaders along with member(s) of the NCW have criminally conspired against the entire electorate and hence, warrants your immediate intervention," the TMC said.

The complaint referred to an interview of a woman from Sandeshkhali which was shared on 'X' on May 10.


"It reveals that Sharma, Das have committed serious offences of forgery, cheating, fraud, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy by exploiting innocent women of Sandeshkhali for political gains. A link showcasing the said interview is provided herewith for your ready reference and in support of this complaint," the complaint said.

The TMC said during the interview, a woman from Sandeshkhali alleged she was coerced through threats of violence by Sharma and Das, to sign a blank paper without knowing its purpose.

"Later, when the police issued her a notice, she learnt that she had been made a de-facto complainant in a rape case. She realised that her signature was used to file a false rape complaint without her consent," it said.


"...such an act of obtaining a signature on blank paper through coercion to file a false rape complaint is not only an abuse of law and power, but also amounts to offences of forgery, cheating, fraud, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy. The exploitation of women for political gain is a reprehensible tactic that undermines their rights and dignity. Such manipulation not only violates the rights of these women but also damages the integrity of democratic institutions," the TMC said in the complaint.

The TMC said the actions suggest a calculated effort by the BJP leaders to undermine the reputation of the Mamata Banerjee-led party and an attempt to manipulate their way to power in West Bengal through illicit means, thereby disregarding the principles of level playing field.

The party also demanded the poll panel to issue directions to respective station house officers of competent police stations to initiate criminal proceedings against Sharma, Das and other unknown BJP leaders, and also to give directions restraining the BJP and its members from threatening the women of Sandeshkhali "who wish to withdraw false complaint".

The TMC also sought orders restraining the BJP and its leaders from making any further false allegations concerning the Sandeshkhali incident.