Slogans trigger scuffle at Ajmer Sharif

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30 Jan 2023

Jaipur, Jan 30 (PTI) A scuffle broke out between the khadims of Ajmer Sharif dargah and followers of Barelvi sect of Islam during the Urs of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti.

The fight was triggered around 3 am Sunday when the group raised some slogans inside the dargah, an act which was objected to by the khadims, Dargah Police Station SHO Amar Singh said.

No FIR has been registered so far in connection with the matter, he said. Additional police was deployed to quell the fight and prevent any further flare ups.

Accordion to the khadims, who are attendant of the shrine, the group from the Barelvi sect was told not to raise certain slogans, but they did it anyway, which led to the scuffle near Shahjahani masjid in the dargah.

The scuffle created chaos for nearly half an hour, they said.

The group raised slogans to hail the sect's founder, Ala Hazrat, whose dargah is in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, the khadims said. PTI SDA VN VN

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