Students used to get bookish knowledge, NEP will change that: PM Modi

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Narendra Modi India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File image)

Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that earlier students used to get “kitabi gyan” (bookish knowledge) but the New Education Policy will change that.

Speaking at the 29th Biennial Conference of All India Primary Teachers’ Federation here, Modi said Google can give data and information but the role of teachers is to be the mentors of students.

“Earlier, we used to give just ‘kitabi gyan’ to our students, but this will change with the introduction of the New Education Policy,” Modi said.

The PM stressed the need for giving primary education to students in their mother tongue and said NEP has made provisions for it.

Modi said he has never been a teacher in his life but has been a lifelong student, who has studied social situations minutely. He said that during his meetings with world leaders, some of them told him that their teachers were from India.