SUP ban violation in Delhi to invite fine of up to Rs 1 lakh or jail term: Gopal Rai

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01 Jul 2022
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New Delhi, Jul 1 (PTI) Violation of the ban on single-use plastic (SUP) items in Delhi will invite a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh or a jail term of up to five years, Environment Minister Gopal Rai said on Friday.


The minister said the Delhi government will issue warning notices to units found violating the ban on 19 identified SUP items till July 10 and thereafter punitive action will be taken against repeat offenders.

However, the government will give top priority to creating awareness against the use of SUP items and providing their alternatives to people, he said.

“Teams of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), Revenue Department and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will conduct inspections and issue warning notices against those not complying with the ban till July 10,” Rai said while launching a three-day fair at Thyagraj Stadium here to promote alternatives to SUP items.


"Punitive action will be taken after July 10 against the defaulters...Violation of the ban will invite fine of up to Rs 1 lakh or jail term up to 5 years or both under the Environment Protection Act, 1986," he added.

"Many people believe that setting up teams of the DPCC, Revenue Department and MCD, imposing fines and closing down (defaulting) units will make the ban successful. Our government thinks differently. Our aim is to provide alternatives to people before enforcing the ban," the minister said.