'The Last Dance of Rationality': Book analyses major events of 21st century

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Rohit Prasad, author of The Last Dance of Rationality

Rohit Prasad (File image)

New Delhi: Making sense of an unravelling world order, a new book "The Last Dance of Rationality" by economist Rohit Prasad examines the major economic, geopolitical and social developments of the 21st century.


The book, published by Hachette India, aims to provide readers with a new lens to look at the current era, which it claims is "the most dazzling and bewildering in human history".

Allegations that lab leaks led to a global pandemic, the proliferation of polarizing leaders or the US debacle in Afghanistan, according to Prasad, the world as we know it is rapidly unravelling, and the book is an attempt to seek answers to questions such as 'How did we get here?' or 'Where are we headed?' " 'The Last Dance of Rationality' stitches together the unlikely connections between the epidemic of loneliness and runaway financial markets, US superpower and cryptocurrency, the Ukraine war and the commodities boom.

"Economics, history, geopolitics and technology come together seamlessly to fashion a grand narrative that will help the readers make sense of how we got here and to better understand how we can prepare for the new epoch," Prasad, professor of Economics and Public Policy at MDI Gurgaon, said in a statement.


It is endorsed by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee, who described the book as a "dazzling tour de force that spans economics, geopolitics, technology, and society to portray an age whose illusions have run their course".

"Deeply insightful in identifying the structural causes and interconnections that have created these 'illusory' times, The Last Dance of Rationality is essential reading for our era of beguiling complexity," said the author of "The Emperor of Maladies".

Prasad's previously authored books include "Start-up Sutra", a bestseller on entrepreneurship and "Blood Red River", a travelogue that examines the contours of development conflict in India.

The book, priced at Rs 799, is currently available for sale across online and offline stores.