UP cabinet approves funds for rehabilitation of families affected by Noida airport expansion

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Noida, Jun 11 (PTI) The Uttar Pradesh cabinet on Tuesday approved financial provisions for the rehabilitation and resettlement of families affected by the Noida-based Jewar international airport's stage-2 expansion in phase-1 of the project.

This decision covers the land acquired for the project and the displaced families, according to an official statement by the state government.

"The cabinet has granted post-facto approval to the financial sanctions and notifications issued for the construction of the expansion, dated May 31, 2024; April 18, 2023; July 18, 2023; January 5, 2024; August 7, 2023; September 1, 2023; October 20, 2023; February 21, 2024; and May 16, 2024," it said.

"Furthermore, the chief minister has been authorised to make necessary decisions regarding the project as required," the statement added.

A total of 1,181 hectares of land of six villages Birampur, Mudhrah, Dayanthpur, Kuraib, Karoli Bangar and Ranhera was notified for acquisition for expansion (stage-2 phase-1) of the Noida international airport, according to an official record.

A total of 19,961 families would be impacted by the land acquisition, the record stated.

Currently, construction work for the first of four phases of the airport is underway in an area of more than 1,300 hectares. The airport, located some 75 km from Delhi, is scheduled to commence operations by end of this year. PTI KIS ANB ANB