Video of woman feeding 'pani puri' to her pet dog divides internet

Moksha Wadhwa
17 Nov 2022
Video of woman feeding 'pani puri' to her pet dog divides internet

New Delhi: There's no doubt that dogs brighten up our world and that's the reason why they are called four-legged angels.

Dogs are undoubtedly the most loved and popular pets. But some people go so over the board that they leave no stone unturned to pamper their little pooches. And that includes feeding them all sorts of junk food which might deteriorate their health.

Recently a similar video went viral on the web showing a woman holding a golden retriever puppy, Oreo in her arms while standing near a pani puri stand.

The video shows the pani puri vendor serving a piece in the bowl that the woman is carrying and Oreo is eating from the same and it seems that he's relishing it as well. In the latter part of the video the pet owner can be heard saying "Oreo iske paise bhi de de" (Oreo, give the money for this too). And in turn, the pani puri stall owner looks quite amused to see the Little puppy relishing the pani puri so much.

The video was posted by an Instagram user, Dheeraj Chhabra. It went viral in no time and received more than 8 lakh views and around 60,000 likes so far.

While many found this video adorable and cute, many went on to comment how bad junk food is for their health. One user posted a comment saying  "It's not good for his health."

''Acha inko bolte hain pdhe likhe gawaar, (Okay so these people are called educated fools)" said another user.

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