Will seek denotification of area for floating solar project in Jayakwadi dam: Bhagwat Karad

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Jul 8 (PTI) Rajya Sabha member Bhagwat Karad on Monday said he would write to the government to denotify the area required for the floating solar project in Jayakwadi dam in Maharashtra.

He expressed optimism regarding the decrease in water evaporation once the project becomes critical.

Karad chaired a meeting to review the ongoing development projects in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar.

The Nathsagar water reservoir at Jayakwadi is a renowned bird sanctuary attracting avian species from across the globe.

When asked if he had written a letter to denotify the bird sanctuary status, the former Union minister said, "I have previously written a letter about this matter. I will now write another letter to the government seeking to denotify the area required for the floating solar panels project. This project will need around 7,500 acres." He claimed the dam water evaporation will be decreased by 33 per cent per year once the floating solar plant is set up. Additionally, it will also generate electricity and provide shade to birds.

A Floating Solar Power Plant is a solar platform which harnesses sunrays falling on water bodies to conserve precious water. It refers to the deployment of photovoltaic panels on the surface of water bodies.

Karad said there are a few obstacles in the expansion of the airstrip at Chikalthana in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar.

"A 280-metre wide river area can be closed through a slab. I will ask the government to acquire around 147 acres of land required for the expansion," he added.

Speaking about the water pipeline scheme, he said the jack well work is going at a slower pace than expected and expressed apprehension that the project may miss the December 2024 guideline. PTI AW NSK