Women empowerment, jobs and progress: Ladakh's tableau shows its inspiring story

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Ladakh Tableau republic day

New Delhi: Ladakh's tableau in the 75th Republic Day parade on Friday symbolised the Union territory's journey of progress with an emphasis on women empowerment.


The tractor part of the tableau featured girls playing ice hockey in the snow, illustrating the journey of women empowerment in the Union territory. The Indian Women's Ice Hockey Team is made up entirely of Ladakhi players.

The float showed Ladakh's fervent pursuit of rapid development since attaining Union territory status in February 2019.

It depicted a village in the front, highlighting how Ladakh is trying to improve life by providing people with electricity, good education and sustainable resources.


It also depicted homes with solar panels, emblematic of the region's progressive initiatives.

The middle part of the float showed Ladakhi people involved in different economic activities like making apricot jam and sea buckthorn juice and crafting wooden articles, representing Ladakh's dream for the future, with young people working hard and coming up with new ideas.

The last part of the float depicted a high hill in Ladakh, with the world's highest motorable road at Umling-La pass.

It also featured solar-powered LED lights, people taking care of goats, and expert pashmina weavers. This part showed how Ladakh has unique and skilled people who are proud of their traditions.

Both sides of the float featured women from different tribes of the region, including Ladakhi, Balti, Purgi, Sheena, Brokpa or Aryan and Changpa among others, symbolising Ladakh's all-inclusive journey of progress.