Women outfits condemn BJP advertisement parodying INDIA bloc leaders

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New Delhi, Apr 1 (PTI) Several Left-leaning women organisations on Monday condemned an advertisement released by the BJP that parodies INDIA bloc leaders and shows them fighting over a "bride".


The advertisement should be withdrawn, they demanded in a statement.

It was signed by All India Democratic Women's Association general secretary Mariam Dhawale, National Federation Of Indian Women general secretary Annie Raja, All India Progressive Women's Association general secretary Meena Tiwari and Poonam Kaushik of the All India Coordination of POW- PMS-IJM-G, Jhansi.

"Four national women's organisations strongly condemn the recent poll ad released by the BJP which is an insult to the women of this country as it portrays her from an extremely feudal, patriarchal perspective," they said in the statement.


"Showing opposition leaders in disagreement over a 'bride' that is fighting over a 'thing' they want to obtain, is not just in poor taste but is offensive to the woman who has been objectified and degraded by this depiction," the statement said.

The INDIA bloc was formed by some opposition parties, including the Congress, the TMC, the Samajwadi Party and the RJD, to take on the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls.

The advertisement shows actors portraying INDIA bloc leaders arguing over who would be the "bridegroom".


Several opposition leaders have also objected to the advertisement.

"The Manuwadi concept of 'nari shakti' propounded by the PM and the BJP has been shown up in its true colours. Women's organisations demand an immediate withdrawal of the ad along with an unequivocal apology from the BJP," the statement said.

The organisations urged women to "unitedly come forward against the regressive BJP", which, they said, has shown an "anti-women mind set". PTI AO ANB ANB