YSRCP sheltering anti-Dalit leaders: TDP

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Amaravati, Apr 17 (PTI) The TDP on Wednesday alleged that the ruling YSRCP is "sheltering" anti-Dalit leaders in its party by giving them tickets to contest the polls, citing the case of Thota Trimurthulu.


A local Court in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday convicted YSRCP MLC and Mandapeta Assembly election candidate, Trimurthulu, and eight others for tonsuring and assaulting Dalits in a 28-year-old case, sentencing them to 18 months simple imprisonment, along with a penalty.

TDP spokesperson Tirunagari Jyoshna alleged that the selection of candidates of the ruling party "exposes" its anti-Dalit policy and behaviour yet again.

"The anti-Dalit policy and anti-Dalit behaviour of YSRCP is yet again exposed today with just their candidates' selection, wherein, it is very clear that they are giving shelter to anti-Dalit leaders," said Jyoshna in a statement.


The Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSRCP gave the Mandapeta assembly constituency ticket to Trimurthulu, prompting Jyoshna to allege that the party is anti-Dalit for selecting candidates with a notorious history of crime against the downtrodden sections.

She asserted that Trimurthulu filed 148 petitions to evade punishment over the years.

Calling the YSRCP a Dalit-drohi (Dalit backstabbing) party, she reminded that another ruling party MLC, Anantha Udaya Bhaskar (Anantha Babu), was also accused of murdering his Dalit driver V Subramanyam.


Jyoshna alleged that the past five years under YSRCP had seen "continuous attacks on Dalits".

Meanwhile, senior TDP leader K S Jawahar demanded that Reddy should expel Trimurthulu from YSRCP and revoke his membership immediately if the latter genuinely upholds the Constitution and honours the principles of its architect B R Ambedkar.

"If not, Jagan Reddy's lack of action will be considered as his permission for such actions, granting them a license," said Jawahar.

Elections for the 175-member Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh are scheduled on May 13 and the counting of votes will be held on June 4.