Missing your salary deposit? Explore these 5 investments for monthly returns

Opting for investment-driven income diversification is a prudent financial choice to secure financial stability in the face of unforeseen job disruptions

Shailesh Khanduri
06 Sep 2023
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New Delhi: Weekly, we come across reports about both Indian and international companies unveiling extensive rounds of workforce reductions. Countless diligent employees find themselves being dismissed, often without any prior warning, due to financial constraints. Organizations tend to swiftly shift focus, leaving behind the affected employees and their families to grapple with the repercussions for extended periods.


Anticipating economic conditions and the subsequent corporate responses remains an imperfect endeavour. Nevertheless, if your livelihood hinges on employment or a business, it's astute to broaden your income avenues. This way, if your primary income encounters disruption due to unforeseen circumstances, you'll possess supplementary channels to rely upon. Here are five investment concepts that can help you attain this level of security.

Fixed deposits

Among the most time-honoured savings options, these instruments have been embraced by successive generations of Indians to safeguard their future. Allocate a portion of your funds into fixed deposits, and your initial amount will continue to accrue interest, offering the choice to either withdraw the accumulated sum or reinvest it. Opting for a sizable, proficiently overseen bank renders this approach practically devoid of risk.


Dividend stocks

These encompass stocks that historically yield substantial dividends. Annual dividends from these companies could occasionally surpass returns from fixed deposits. Additionally, you'll partake in the stock's capital appreciation. Of course, stocks entail higher risk, potentially entailing partial loss of principal. However, the risk diminishes with a prolonged investment horizon and a diversified portfolio.

Mutual fund investments


Another option is to allocate funds to debt and equity mutual funds, gradually amassing a reserve that can be tapped into when required. You have the flexibility to systematically withdraw a predetermined sum each month or even opt for a dividend payment scheme, generating monthly income from your mutual fund investments.

Real estate investments

Real estate often stands as a robust and secure long-term investment, carrying substantial potential for consistent income generation. Properties like homes, offices, or commercial spaces can be swiftly leased, yielding a stable rental income. This becomes particularly advantageous should you experience a loss of primary income. Moreover, in terms of capital appreciation, real estate proves advantageous, especially with an extended investment timeframe. Over time, the value of your property is almost certain to appreciate.


Annuity investments

These are becoming increasingly favoured as alternatives for retirement and supplementary income. An annuity product, usually provided by insurance companies, involves a lump sum investment, resulting in a consistent fixed payout on a monthly basis. This payout remains steady throughout one's lifetime, offering a substantial degree of certainty to individuals or families. With stringent regulations and the stability of insurance providers, this approach is almost devoid of risk.

By strategizing effectively, there exist several avenues through which individuals can diversify and establish alternative sources of income. Naturally, these opportunities will differ according to one's tolerance for risk, and it's imperative to invest in products aligning with your personal disposition.

The last thing you want is to end up losing your primary income source and your safety net due to poor product choices. Hence, seeking advice from financial professionals is essential. They can guide you in comprehending your objectives and risk tolerance, and recommend suitable products.

As the saying goes, certainty is uncertain. While you can't foresee when misfortune might strike, you can certainly prepare for it. Strategically broadening your income avenues is a vital measure in readying yourself for economic unpredictability.