Expecting Aditi to win a medal at Paris Olympics, says new PGTI president Kapil Dev

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New Delhi, July 11 (PTI) India's leading golfer Aditi Ashok can go one step further and win a medal at the Paris Olympics provided her form does not betray her in pressure situations, feels legendary cricketer and newly appointed PGTI president Kapil Dev.

Aditi won hearts by finishing fourth at the Tokyo Olympics after being in medal contention till the very end. She finished a stroke behind the bronze medallist Lydia Ko and two strokes behind gold winner Nelly Korda. Aditi's form deserted her on the final day after she was second overnight.

"I want to see Aditi playing with the same pomp that she played with in the Tokyo Olympics. For cricketers and golfers, form is very important. If Aditi plays in the same form, she has a good chance to win a medal. And if she has a bad week, then she can only sit out and rue the loss," Kapil told PTI Videos in an exclusive interview.

The World Cup winning captain, who has been playing on the PGTI circuit for many years, felt there was a severe dearth of quality international-level golf courses in India.

"In India, there is a catch-22 situation. You have to have good golf courses up to international standards with top tournaments and people playing golf in tougher conditions and scoring well. Some of the courses in India have to improve also and give the players to play in decent courses.

"I have seen playing 20 under 19 under 18 under but conditions may not be as good as we would like to have. Somebody who has played in DLF Gurgaon or Oxford, and hit 15 or 20 under, then you can say that's the different level you have played." On his vision and priorities after assuming office as PGTI president, "My first vision is to bring money to golf and more golf to the players. At the moment they play 15 or 20 weeks a year if we can make it 30-35 weeks a year... that's the vision.

"The only way it can come is if more sponsors come. So I would like more tours and tournaments to take place. I will open the door for many companies and the corporate world to come out and promote golf.

"Golf is slightly different because every person has to earn his own money. In cricket, the Board decides the fees. Start talking to the Corporate world if they can come and organise more golf tournaments. That's the immediate plan. I am not the lone golfer who played the game.

"I can't say I am the one who will lead it. Yes, I will try and help a lot of golfers in the country and bring more corporates into the game," he emphasised. PTI BS BS