It wasn't a good call for us: Hridoy on Bangladesh losing 4 leg byes due to DRS rule

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New York, Jun 11 (PTI) The on-field umpire's decision to adjudge veteran batter Mahmudullah Riyad LBW, which was subsequently overturned in a review, was a bad call that cost Bangladesh the match against South Africa, their young batter Towhid Hridoy has said.

Bangladesh ended at 109/7 while chasing a target of 114 against South Africa. A contentious ICC rule saw them lose four leg bye runs when Mahmudullah was given out leg before by on-field umpire Sam Nogajski off an Ottneil Baartman delivery.

The ball had crossed the boundary ropes but it was deemed dead as Mahmudullah opted for DRS and got the decision overturned.

As per ICC rules, no extra runs (leg-byes or byes) can be given if on-field umpire gives a batter out LBW even if the decision is overturned by the third umpire. However, leg-bye runs can be awarded if the on-field umpire's decision of not out stays after a review.

"Actually, to be honest, that wasn't a good call. It was a tight match. So, I think in my point of view, umpire gave out, but it's bit hard for us because those four runs would have changed the match scenario.

"So, I don't have anything to say about it," Hridoy said when asked about the four runs that Bangladesh didn't get.

The 23-year-old Hridoy, however, chose to side-step the query when asked whethe he agrees with the rule.

"See, the rule, what the ICC has done is not in my hands but at that time those four runs were very important for us. I think the umpire has given the call and the umpire can give a call. They are also human beings and they could have made a mistake.

"But we had two-three more wides which were not given. So, in a match like this, where hardly a run is being made in a low-scoring match, one or two runs are a big factor.

"So, I think those four runs or two wide runs were close calls. Even my out (dismissal) was the umpire's call. So, I think there is room for improvement in these areas. And we have nothing to do with rules that the ICC made." PTI KHS PM KHS PM PM