Assam Police denies allegations made by ULFA(I) in video sent to media

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Guwahati: Assam Police on Friday denied the allegations of a person claiming that he was sent as an undercover agent to an ULFA(I) camp and was involved in various illegal activities at the behest of senior police officers.


Earlier in the day, the ULFA(I) had sent a 5:36 minute video of the person to the media where he claimed that before being sent to the outfit's camp, he was involved in extortions from various sources including those involved in illegal transportation of coal, urea, areca nut and foreign cigarettes allegedly planned by senior police officials.

Assam Police in a statement said, "A video clip circulated by the banned organisation ULFA (I) has come to the notice of Assam Police. The video appears to be based on delusions and wild imagination. It is replete with lies, and no such activity as alleged in the video is taking place".

"This is an attempt to undermine the commendable work carried out by police and represents a desperate effort by the ULFA(I) to remain relevant. Such a false, baseless, and misleading campaign can never weaken the resolve of Assam Police", the statement added.


Police shall continue to work relentlessly for the integrity and sovereignty of the country and the safety of the people of Assam, it added.

Previously, the outfit had released another video featuring the same individual, purportedly held within one of their camps for engaging in 'anti-organization activities' and claiming to be a sub-inspector in Assam Police's special branch.

In the video, he had claimed to have been recruited by police in 2021 and, along with several other boys and girls, was trained to be planted as a mole in the ULFA(I) to extract crucial information and disrupt the outfit's activities.

Following this, police had issued a statement denying the person's claim that he was an official of the special branch.