Arvind Kejriwal spent Rs 20 crore on publicity of a scheme that disbursed only Rs 20 lakh: BJP

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12 Aug 2022
Arvind Kejriwal spent Rs 20 crore on publicity of a scheme that disbursed only Rs 20 lakh: BJP

New Delhi: The BJP on Friday stepped up its attack on AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal over his freebies terming these as bait to trap people for political benefits and asserted that they are different from the Centre's welfare schemes which are aimed at economic empowerment of weaker sections of the society.

Citing a scheme of the Kejriwal government of providing loans to school students without any guarantee, Patra claimed that out of 89 students who applied in 2021-22, only two were given loans and the maximum loan to a student under this scheme can be Rs 10 lakh.

He said an RTI query now has revealed that more than Rs 19.50 crore from this scheme was spent on publicity and advertisement, while the loan which was given to students at maximum could be Rs 20 lakh.

Noting that the Delhi chief minister's sole purpose is to establish his and his party's prominence in the country, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said, "therefore he is speaking lies to the people of the country about freebies."

Addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters here, Patra explained the differences between Kejriwal's freebies and welfare schemes initiated by the Narendra Modi government, and said the purpose of both is totally different.

Freebies are not only meant for the poor but for all, their main purpose is to grab power. Such schemes are not beneficial for the country in the long run and have only short term benefits for one person and one political party, he claimed.

Similarly, "Kejriwal's freebies are bait to trap people for his own political benefits", he further said.

Welfare schemes are aimed at a specific target group, which is economically weaker, to make them self-dependent and economically empowered by providing sustainable support, he said.

Modi's remarks on 'revdi' culture last month started a debate on freebies in the country and thereafter a political slugfest is on between the BJP and the AAP on the issue.

Kejriwal has alleged that the BJP-led Centre is "strongly opposing" free facilities to people as it lacks funds to support such welfare measures after waving loans and taxes worth crores of its "super rich friends".

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