BJP sleeping cells have infiltrated party: Uttarakhand Congress chief

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25 Nov 2022
Karan Mahara

Karan Mahara (File photo)

Dehradun: The Uttarakhand Congress chief Karan Mahara on Thursday alleged that the BJP's "sleeping cells" had entered the party and were trying to weaken it in every way.


While Mahara did not take any names, he said anyone speaking against a Congress leader must be hand-in-glove with the BJP.

"They are people who have been put into the Congress by the BJP. They are BJP supporters. They will definitely oppose or indulge in 'character assassination' of anyone who tries to strengthen the Congress," Mahara said while addressing party workers.

Referring to a meeting held by Amit Shah with BJP MLAs, he said the Union Home minister had advised them to follow the mantra of "idol breaking" to weaken the Congress and come to power.

"Idol breaking means indulging in character assassination of Congress leaders who are doing well and that is exactly what these elements planted in the Congress by the BJP are doing. They are in the Congress office during the day and BJP leaders' homes at night," Mahara said.

He also cautioned party workers to be on their guard against such elements.