Pilikula park welcomes new entrants

NewsDrum Desk
14 Apr 2023
Pilikula Biological Park.jpg

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Mangaluru: The Pilikula biological park here has received an Asiatic lion, two wolves, a golden jackal, a comb duck, a silver pheasant and a golden pheasant from Rajkot zoological park under the animal exchange programme.


In return, the Pilikula park has sent four wild dogs, a leopard, two civet cats, four reticulated pythons, four mountain snakes, vine snakes and sand boa to Rajkot, park authorities said.

The newly arrived animals have been quarantined to adjust to the new environment. The park will make arrangements for their public display very soon.

The jackal is an endangered species and is rarely spotted in India. The endangered wild dogs and the hyena at the park are breeding, the authorities said.